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Premium & Handcrafted Guitar Picks

Our picks are for those who are dedicated to their craft, just as we are. For the discerning fretboard warrior who values the best in luxury plectrums, and those looking to make every note count & take your picking to the next level.

Whether you're a studio artist, vintage collector, or a hard charging road warrior ready to hit the stage... We've got something special to set you & your music apart.
So choose your weapon, aim high, & strum away with confidence.

All of our picks are crafted in-house using precision machining and finished by hand. Whether you like thicker plectrums or a more agile profile, your new favorite pick is waiting to be discovered.

Custom Engraving Service

Looking for the perfect guitar gift for yourself or a loved one? We also have the ability to engrave logos & initials onto most of our picks here.

Check out our >pick personalization page here< to learn more about engraving an individual pick.

Want your very own signature set of picks?  We also offer 100% bespoke picks available by the dozen. >custom guitar picks page<

Please note that these picks are produced in micro batches to keep quality & consistency as our top values. Coupled with our picks being in high demand, it can take anywhere from 5-10 days for us to complete your order. Your patience is appreciated.



Limited Edition Guitar Picks

Looking for something a bit more special? We also have a section of exclusive & rare picks to choose from. Whether you are a collector, exploring unique materials for the perfect sound, or seeking a superior playing experience, you can find our pinnacle of craftsmanship here >limited edition picks<

Choosing The Best Guitar Pick

Whether you prefer to play acoustic or electric guitar, choosing the best pick mainly comes down to preference & playing styles but can be affected by things such as shape, thickness, & materials. Thick plectrums tend to produce a warmer tone while traditional thin picks produce more of a bright tone. The finish also has a lot to do with it. In the case of finished, something like a satin or matte texture will be brighter vs something more polished. For the ultimate overview on the factors that goes into choosing a pick, check out our >ultimate pick guide for guitarists<


Which pick is best for guitar?

The best guitar pick is the one that you feel most comfortable using. It's also the one that best suits your playing style. Thick picks are generally very comfortable to hold & thus enhance your grip, but something you might want to consider more is the size compared to your own hand, as well as the sharpness of the playing point.

What difference do guitar picks make?

Picks with beveled edges such as the handcrafted ones we make, can affect playability, tone, and can make certain guitar techniques easier to perform.

Why are your guitar picks so expensive?
The costs related to manufacturing our picks involves many moving parts & processes which are handles by just 2 people. This includes purchasing materials & consumable items like sandpaper, CNC drill bits, polishing wheels etc.

A long & risky process is also undertaken that requires concentration & attention to detail. A whole batch of picks can be ruined with a simple mistake in the CNC programming, a pick can be sanded too much in a split second, or accidentally burned on the polisher.

Because of these pitfalls all along thew way, special care has to be taken to complete each manufacturing stage to its highest degree. This requires skill, patience, and time.

Are thicker picks better?

Thicker picks are generally more comfortable to hold, offer some grip enhancement, and better for playing individual notes. They're even good to use on bass guitar if that's your thing! Thin picks have their place too though & are mainly preferred for their flexibility & ease of strumming chords. Check out our article on >choosing a guitar pick for acoustic guitar<

Are metal or plastic guitar picks better?

While metal will win out every time in regards to durability, we find that plastic picks are easier to play with, there's more creative options available, and in our case they are easier to manufacture.

Plastic picks also seem to glide more effortlessly across the guitar strings, but we also make our own >metal guitar picks< which are worth a shot if you're exploring new materials.

When should you throw away guitar picks?

You can throw them away whenever they are no longer functional & are affecting your playing technique. That being said, handcrafted have the added benefit of being able to be re-finished. If you're looking for a weekend DIY project, try re-shaping & re-finishing an old pick. You can bring back some of the sharpness this way & extend the life of the pick, as well as customize some of its features such as going from a polished to satin or matte finish.

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