Gungnir, Odin's Spear Plectrum - Iron Age Guitar Accessories

Gungnir (Odin's Spear) Pick

Odin's Own, The Swaying One
"The Most Powerful and Magical Spear In The Cosmos"

Crafted by master-smith dwarves,
the Sons of Ivaldi.

The Gungnir is said to have runes carved on its point,
which presumed to increase its aim & deadliness through magic.

From the halls of Valhalla, to the fields of Vigridr,
Odin rides with his golden helmet & this trusty spear.

Interesting Perhaps
but this spearhead does have runes inscribed on it,
and they do glow magically in any case.

This is one sharp guiar pick,
if you can call it that.

Perfect for precision-playing,
but still heavy enough to hammer down some chords.

It's also made from a tough cast-acrylic.
One that's shatter-proof, chip resistant,
and features a profound depth into a fiery abyss.

No-slip Grip
The Gungnir features a brushed finish on both sides to keep it locked in place.
This aids in keeping the pick in your hand & off the floor.

You won't miss a beat & in the rarest occasion of dropping it,
it's easier to find with its bright glowing runes.

Broad Tone
No signs of flimsy here.
You get a BIG sound,
more control of your articulation (as with all rigid picks),
and the mass to put down more power.

Customize Further
By requesting satin-finished bevels,
or both faces polished to a gloss.

Satin edges will offer more in terms of "bite" & "attack"
without getting too raspy.

Bring out the true marvel of the fiery Ragnarok material
with a polished face on both sides.

Feel Inspired
Every time you grasp this plectrum.
It's truly an experience to behold.

No two picks are ever the same in terms of visual characteristics.
However, they're all made with the attention to detail to every curve & angle.

It's more than just a pick,
it's the embodiment of myth & legend.

From pick creator, to music creator
Like attracts like.

Create your new EPIC using the Gungnir spearhead today!

3mm Thick (current batch)

Material pattern will vary, each pick will have unique markings.

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