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Imperator Rewards Program

Imperator Rewards Program

June 09, 2019 0 Comments

Earn Points For Prizes

Who else wants a chance to earn free gifts?
This is for the loyal fans that have come to rally under the Iron Age standard.

The Imperator Program is a way to earn points for purchases,
for being a fan on Social Media,
and also for referring your guitar-playing friends to the brand.

The points can then be exchanged for not only discounts,
but also free products and special items that are exclusive to the program.

= = = = =

How To Join - It’s Simple
If you have a shop account on the Iron Age website,
you’re automatically subscribed!

You can use that same account info
to sign into the program panel,
which can be accessed through the floating icon
at the bottom corner of the homepage.

If you don’t have a shop account,
You can simply open up the program panel through the floating icon
and click “Join Now” or visit the customer log in page

That’s All There Is To It
Once you’re signed in,
You can see all the ways to earn points,
as well as the prizes available.

= = = = =

What’s In It For You - How To Earn & Spend

As mentioned previously,
The rewards include larger discounts,
Free items like kill-switches & stocked picks,
as well as program-exclusive items like custom picks.

And if you sign up now,
you will instantly get 200 points.
These can easily double to 400 just by following on Social Media.

Earning Points
So the basis of earning points comes from purchases,
Which breaks down to 10 points per dollar spent.

Since the program is new as of June 2019, everyone starts with 0 points,
however I will honor any purchases you’ve made in the past 12 months.
Just send me a message to please have your account updated.
Also be patient because I have to do the adjustments manually.

Next is referrals which will earn you a bigger chunk at 500 per referral.
(You earn 500 points, & your friend gets 15% off their first purchase)
More on referrals in a bit.

And finally,
If you update your account with your birthdate,
you will receive 600 extra points as a gift on that day!
(just has to be set at least 30 days in advance)

So overall, there’s a quick 1,000+ points

Spending Points - Discounted Discounts
Yes, so the “$ off” rewards are reduced in points cost by 10%
Example: $5 off is attained with 450 points instead of 500… etc.

And “free item” rewards are discounted by 25% off the MSRP
To make them more attainable.

Smaller items might also be reduced further,
like patches & pick carriers which are about half off.

To Redeem your points,
You can simply tap or click on the desired reward
in the program panel.
It will instantly generate a promo code
which you can then enter at the checkout.

*Only 1 promo code can be used per order.

** International shipping costs may apply.

= = = = =

Supercharge your points
A Win-Win-Win Situation

Now back to referrals!
This is the easiest way to get the most out of the program.

Unique To You
Whenever you sign up to the program (if you haven’t already)
You will receive a unique & easily accessed URL link
which can be shared with friends in order to refer them.

The URL link can be found just by opening the program panel & logging in.
Once you scroll down a bit,
you will see the link with a a “quick copy” button next to it,
As well as social media & e-mail sharing options.

Mass Referrals - Massive Points
You can then share this link with close friends
and this is the quickest way to rack up points without putting in a new order.
So even if the items you want are not quite within reach cost-wise,
there is still a chance to obtain them in other ways - by trading value.

Also, if you have your own brand, social media following, or are part of a forum that allows such a thing,
You could also potentially share it with there to up your chances significantly.

When you share that link,
The receiving person will be awarded 15% off on their first purchase.
You will receive a whopping 500 points, if they complete their purchase (only).
And I(ron Age) receives a chance to deliver a quality product & service.
The intent is that we can all benefit through this interaction.

So that sums it all up!
If you haven’t claimed your free points,
You can do so by simply creating an account or signing in
with an existing shop account.

= = = = =

Stay Tuned
I’ll be adding more exclusive items & updating things along the way.
If you have any cool ideas you think would mesh well with the program,
feel free to contact me & if I end up using it,
I’ll transfer some points to you as well :)

If you’ve made any purchases in the past 12 months
But they’re not showing up in your total points,
Also just ask me to update the account & I’ll get that fixed up for you.
Feedback or constructive criticisms are also welcome,
let me know how I can improve this for everyone.