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The Hellfire Club Special

Now you can play Master of Puppets in an alternate dimension while fighting hoards of demo bats. How much more metal can you get?

The new Hellfire Club Special is a pick handcrafted from faux ivory material.
It features a contrasting aesthetic between smooth playing bevels & a coarse texture on the faces for the ultimate grip.

This chunky JazzXL pick comes in a thick 4mm for a comfortable hold & punchy tone.
It features the Iron Age "Sword & Laurel" logo on one side & the Hellfire Club logo in black on the other side.

These picks are being made to order & handcrafted so please allow a few days for us to finish making yours. Each pick sold individually.
These picks are also limited edition so don't delay,
order yours today!

About Featured Guitar Picks

The picks listed here are our latest "special edition" or "pick of the day".
They are available only for a short time & will be swapped out for new variations on occasion.

Many are available for pre-order since they're not part of our regular pick line-up so please allow up to 15 days for delivery. We will try and get these out to you as soon as possible however!

About Past Plectrums

If there is a guitar pick model that we've previously offered but no longer available, we might still be able to offer you the engraving.

The materials might not be available depending on how rare they are to obtain, but we can certainly try to recreate the engravings.

Please see our main service page for pick engravings here:
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or if you would like a full dozen custom picks made to your own specifications, see our pick wholesale page here:
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