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What is a kill-switch? You might say...
In short, it's a switch that momentarily mutes or "kills" the guitar signal while pressed, and resumes when it's released.
It can be used to create a staccato or tremolo-like effect;
When used rhythmically and in conjunction with your playing it can also add another layer of creativity to your music. 

Ditch the plastic-y kill-switches of yesteryear and upgrade your guitar's aesthetic with both form & function.
These switches are compatible with both active & passive pickup configurations.
Only the LED versions require a battery & an existing battery can be used to power both active components and the LED.
No battery required for non-LED killswitches!

Now available in "Mini" LED versions that can be dropped into an existing potentiometer hole.
Don't use your guitar tone knob too often? Swap it out & drop in a mini switch with ease!
No need to enlarge it or drill a mounting hole, making this a reversible guitar mod.
Latching toggles versions are also available for use as on/off power switches.

As Miles Davis (although not a kill-switch user)
famously said "It's not the notes you play, it's the notes you don't play."
Consider adding another musical tool for contrast & texture to your playing today.

What sets our switches apart?

  • Ironclad construction (Aircraft grade aluminum)
  • Eye-catching modern aesthetics
  • Mechanical durability rated at 500,000 full presses
  • Pre-wired switches for ease of installation
  • LED lifespans of 40,000 continuous hours
  • Hundreds of reviews by happy customers
  • Thousands of successful installations
  • A 365-day warranty on all switches

Got any questions about our guitar kill-switches? Checkout our FAQ + More FAQ
For installation guides, videos, or tips & tricks, see our kill-switch installation page
**Iron Age guitar killswitches are intended for high-gain applications

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