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Iron Age - About Us

Inspired By A Timeless Era
Iron Age is about the decadence of the Roman empire,
but also the lavishes & luxury of its Caesars.

It's about ancient mythologies, far and wide.
From the fiery war gods of Athens, to the sagas of the Norse Pantheon...

And its fighters, and its warriors, and its champions.

Iron Age is for those who discern the details,
and appreciate a finer experience.

It's for those dedicated to their craft (as we are),
the passionate & the determined.

It is for the victorious, the triumphant,
and those who seek to ride life "straight to perfect laughter."

Are you about challenging conventional thinking?
Are you about innovative style & artistic expression?

If any of the above resonates,
then you might be in the right place.

Welcome to Iron Age Guitar Accessories

The Team Behind The Brand

Alex (Owner)

From vision to reality,
Alex began chipping away at the Iron Age concept since 2015
with a passion to developing and crafting fine picks that not only tell a story,
but also ignite the imagination & creativity of the bearer.

Alex has a background in electronics going back to his time served with the Blacksheep (VMA-214) in the US Marines.
He's troubleshot mechanical, hydraulic, & electrical systems on multi-million dollar war machines
and strives for efficiency, & repeatable excellence.

Ethan (Lead Craftsman & PR)

Musician through & through,
Ethan joined the Iron Age crew in late 2019 & is a multi-instrumentalist.
He's a student, an enthusiast, a teacher of music, & now the lead craftsman here at Iron Age.

Ethan is adept in music theory & the nuances of various instruments including
bass guitars, brass instruments & keyboards. He's most down with the funk!

Sofia (Craftsman & CNC Operator)

Quiet but with a keen eye since 2021.
Sofia is tack-sharp when it comes to observing the details
and has quickly grasped the concepts of what it takes to craft a fine guitar pick.

She's also a talented musician with live performance experience
and plays the keyboard along with bass guitar among other instruments.
Sofia is also interested in e-commerce & internet marketing
and looks forward to one day creating a business of her own while also helping others.
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