Iron Age Guitar Accessories: About Us

We believe in challenging the "It's always been done this way" mentality.
We do this by creating timeless style, innovative expression,
and show it through our guitar parts and accessories.

Setting The Tone For An Outstanding Experience

Founded in Austin Texas (2015) and with a warrior's determinant strength,
we set out to challenge the stagnation of same-old guitar accessories.
We create products to inspire new venues of expression for our customers.
Our belief is in a fresh perspective, one that's not only dynamic,
but ready to kick open the doors of creativity.
It's the belief that sometimes the smallest things,
can have the BIGGEST impact.

It all started with our our most innovative product, the LED Killswitch.
It's something so simple but effective,
which we have now expanded into over a dozen models.

Certainly a show-stopper.

LED guitar kill switch, Iron Age, accessories

...And we don't just make picks,
especially ones that just look nice, never to be played.

handmade guitar picks, boutique guitar plectrums, iron age
Our picks are painstakingly crafted using premium materials to deliver an outstanding experience.
One that floods the senses with natural textures, remarkable sounds, & the exquisite sight of timbers from around the globe.

The tone is in your fingers,
our picks just help to translate that.

custom guitar knobs, premium guitar picks, handmade guitar plecs, boutique plectrums

All of our offerings are one-of-a-kind, as unique as your playing, and as it should be.
From our distinguished guitar knobs, to the emblems on our "Iron-Clad Legion" guitar picks,
and each grain of wood.

jonathon walters, photographer, biggs, agate stone guitar pick, plectrum

We do it for the dedicated & discerning fret-board warriors.
Those on conquest for their own distinct sound.
Those determined & driven to excel in their craft among so many stagnant performers

Behold the cold steel which we offer onto you,
in this Iron Age.
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