Regal, Refined, & Rugged

This collection of guitar picks is crafted from a lineage of knife handle & pistol grip materials. This particular cast acrylic is chip-resistant, shatter-proof, and resists cracking under stress.
Each pick is precision cut to specs, meticulously shaped by hand & polished to the highest degree. The result is a beautiful pearlescent marvel that glimmers at any angle like a jewel.
For a magnificent playing experience unlike any other, try our flagship Imperator pick which has attracted a legion of inspired creators with its crowned-glory design.

This collection of picks also features an Iron Age emblem front & center for enhanced grip, and is  flanked by UV glowing accents for an enigmatic aesthetic.
The glow accents are one of the Iron Age signature trademarks which can be charged with direct sunlight or a UV blacklight for maximum glow!
Grip, tone, & comfort - It's all covered in an eye-catching royal blue package. Form & Function.

Treat yourself to the regal standard that's worthy of a Caesar & transform your every note into a majestic melody with the Imperial Guitar Pick Collection.
*Available For Personalized Pick Engraving

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