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Xiphos Acrylic Guitar Pick

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Short, Double-Edged, & Agile
The Weapon of Choice For Close-Quarters Mayhem

In the Greek Phalanx, no man marches into battle without their trusty sidearm.
Inspired by the Xiphos short-sword,
this Imperial Series pick is the smallest but quickest of all.

Hold On Tight
There's a reason this material is commonly used for pistol-grips.
Despite the brilliant, polished shine, it grabs on & stays put in your hand.

In any case, our premium material is shatter-proof, resists cracking,
and is made in the USA - Built to last.

Add a touch of luxury to your collection today,
with alluring dark pearl themes & emblem of Iron Age authenticity.

A Thicker Sound Is Within Grasp
Instantly modify & improve your tone with a simple switch.

The signature sound produced is one that boosts your presence across the board.
More volume, bigger sound, a unique tone to match your style.

A True Heavyweight. How is this even playable?
Measuring in at 4mm in thickness, this pick has no room to be flimsy.

You'll feel it as soon as you pick it up.
It feels like your're actually holding something of substance,
making each pluck of the strings sounds more deliberate.

Of course, part of crafting a fine pick includes functionality.
That's why each Xiphos is individually tapered & hand-beveled.

It's a devout & tedious process but well worth the extra effort,
as we feel the pick evolve into its ideal shape.

What about sizing?
Despite its hefty thickness, which you might notice helps relax your grip.
You'll find the Xiphos size very similar to a traditional Jazz3 shape.

It's dimensions are approximately 27.5*25.5mm

Great if you prefer small picks that get you closer to the strings,
offering more control, & a slight edge in picking agility.

Small Batch Production
To keep our quality in check, only a few of these are produced at any time.

The material quantities are limited,
so we can't guarantee they'll be constantly in stock.

But even if you miss out this time,
a long wait might even prove to be well worth it!

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