The Legio Ferrata Series is named after one of the most
elite fighting forces of imperial Rome - The Sixth Ironclad Legion.
What do they have in common with you?
It's tenacity & discipline to master their art.
Whether your conquest is for guitar tone or total domination of the fretboard,
the LFS will persevere right there with you.
These are guitar picks centered around supreme grip & subtle comfort.
They're meant to keep you relaxed & in control during the most intense riffs and glorious solos.
The LFS are more than just plectrums,
they're the re-ignition of passion and
deliverance of your true artistic power.

See How They're Made

Each guitar plectrum is meticulously handcrafted from an extremely resilient thermoplastic.

It's an engineering-grade material with a magnificent resistance to abrasion. A key feature is unrelenting durability while going easy & non-abrasive to your strings.

Each pick is finished to a luxurious black velvet feel & provide the swiftest strike that's not only satisfying,
but stimulates a need to overindulge in bouts of tremendous speed.

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