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The Ironclad Legion

The Legio Ferrata Collection is named after one of the most elite fighting forces of imperial Rome - The Sixth Ironclad Legion.
What do they have in common with you? Steadfast tenacity, a fighting spirit, & the desire to overcome any obstacle in their craft.

Whether your conquest is for guitar tone or total domination of the fretboard, the Ironclad Collection will persevere right there with you.
These guitar picks are geared towards extreme durability & subtle comfort while shredding through note after note with ease. These are performance plectrums.

They're made from an engineering grade material which features low friction properties & high resistance to abrasion.
This makes for a pick that's  lighting-fast across the strings & unrelenting in the durability department.
At last, these exceedingly resilient picks are 3mm in thickness which helps to relieve the tension in your picking hand & keeps you in the peak performance longer.

Re-ignite your passion & express your artistic vision with strength.
Experience relentless speed & durability. Choose the Ironclad Legion. 
*NOT Available For Personalized Pick Engraving

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