LF Centurion Guitar Plectrum

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Courageous & Graceful Under Pressure

A Bold & Battle-Hardened Plectrum That's Most Enduring

The Centurion - Leader of 100 men, skillful & courageous.

Bearing the traits that fueled the Roman legion itself, they were chosen for their size, strength, & dexterity in battle.

For their expertness in the field.

This full-sized guitar pick is the embodiment of that commandant... With its resilience to the adversity of steel & a strike so swift, only a clean-cut tone is left in its wake.

Pick of The Century

Performance, Precision, & Power are its element.

The Centurion is designed around comfort & longevity.
This is to keep you performing at the top of your game & with ease.

Each features soft textured faces with an Iron Age emblem for added grip & comfort,
and a luxurious velvet finish you won't want to let go of.

It's a versatile pick, suitable for all styles of playing.
However it leads the charge on searing leads & brutal rhythms.

Things To Consider

The perfect pick is a subjective experience.

Not all pick companies will admit to this. That's why we extend to you a full 90 days after purchase to evaluate the qualities of our fine plectrum.

Give it all you've got, it's built like a tank.

From onslaughts of chugging rhythms to jaw-dropping levels of shredded mayhem.

We dare you to push its limits.

But if for whatever reason you're not 100% satisfied with the performance of the pick we've crafted for you, simply send it back.

Send us an e-mail & we'll still do our best to turn things around for you.

Think you have the skills & courage?
Every legion needs an officer in charge.

It's your call! Order your LFS-Centurion today, your exemplary performance awaits...


Size: 30*25mm 
Thickness: 3mm

Material: Bearing-grade engineering plastic

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