Gladiator Ultem Guitar Picks - Iron Age Guitar Accessories

The "Ultemate" Performance Plectrums

Looking for a guitar pick that can take a beating?
These gladiator guitar picks are precision cut and handcrafted from Ultem which is a high-strength & rigid polymer material.

This collection of picks feature enhanced grip through their brush-textured faces that's as gritty as the sands of the Roman colosseum.
Grip holes have also been added to help prevent the picks from rotating in your hand & each pick is engraved with the Iron Age sword & laurel in an aqua UV glow.
Play longer & faster without having to worry about them slipping out of your hand in the heat of the moment.

Attack with speed & intensity. These picks have sculpted bevels that are polished to a pristine finish for smooth glassy attack.
Whether you choose a sharp precision point or a rounded sledgehammer of a pick, the gladiator collection delivers colossal tone.
Maybe you’re looking for a thick pick that's comfortable to hold or a pick with greater durability, whatever it is, the gladiator guitar picks have you covered for any performance.
Our collection of six guitar picks offers something for everyone so you can find the perfect tone & feel for your playing style.

Precision, durability, grip, & smooth playability - The perfect pick for the arena.

Take your playing to the next level. Order now and experience the difference that our Gladiator Guitar Picks make.
*NOT Available For Personalized Pick Engraving
** Black Ultem Versions Only Available While Supplies Last (Limited Edition)

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