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Sicarius Ultem Guitar Pick

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Two Playing Points In One Plectrum

Sharp & Tapered vs A Rounded Traditional Bevel  

Inspired by the the curved "Sica" sword used in ancient Roman times, this plectrum's name translates into dagger-wielder.

In modern times however, it has become synonymous with an assassin due to the "Sicario" hitmen of the cartels & the "Sicarius" recluse spider with its venomous & necrotic bite.

The Sicarius plectrum features some sharp curves to live up to its name along with some notable contrasts in its picking approach. It has a tapered point that's moderately sharp for all-around playing (rhythm or lead); coupled with a rounded playing point that's great for strumming or hammering out power chords.

Like the other gladiator plectrums, this one is also constructed from solid Ultem (polyetherimide). This gives it excellent durability when compared to other guitar pick materials such as acrylics, exotic woods, & common plastics like acetal or celluloid.

Thrice The Grip

The Sicarius is designed with several grip-enhancing characteristics including two grip holes, textured faces, & a deeply engraved Sword & Laurel logo.

The logo of course featuring our signature UV glow resin, this time in a cool aqua color.

If you're looking for a pick that stays put or have issues with your guitar picks slipping away while playing. These gladiator guitar picks are worth considering for all of their grip enhancements mentioned.

They're also all made in 3mm thickness which also makes for a comfortable hold without being cumbersome. 

Supreme Playability

Although this line of picks is geared towards heavy riffs & sonic mayhem, the Sicarius is a solid all-around pick for any genre.

You get 2 picks in 1 which open up a new avenue of experimentation.
Both playing points take a contrasting approach to each other but both feature a glassy smooth finish on the playing bevels. Speaking of bevels, they're ambidextrous & built for speed.


If you prefer medium-sized picks or like to experiment with various plectrums, the Sicarius is an excellent choice. Not just for heavy chugs, nor high speed shredding; The Sicarius is a versatile guitar pick that will slice through whatever you throw at it.

Enter the arena & perform with confidence knowing you're playing some of the best.
Order yours today!

Guitar Pick Features:

  • Ultem PEI Construction, very durable
  • Grip in spades through texture, engravings, & grip holes
  • UV-Reactive Engraving (Aqua glow)
  • 2 Picks in 1 - Sharp/Tapered & Rounded/Traditional Points  
  • Ambidextrous speed beveling
  • Polished Bevels For Glassy-Smooth Playing

Dimensions: 30.5*30.5*3mm

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