Iron Age Guitar Accessories

Purveyors of premium guitar kill-switches, guitar knobs, and luxurious handcrafted picks.
We're inspired by the mythos & eras that transcend time.
From the hot sands of the Colosseum to the frostbit forests of the Viking age.

For those who value creative expression, we seek to transform the mundane into extraordinary;
Something that makes you feel inspired, courageous, & energized every time you pick up your guitar.
Feel Better, Play Better, Sound Your Best!

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Iron Age
For The Dedicated, For The Discerning, For Victory
Texas Based - Est.2015

What Customers Are Saying:

About The Brand

Iron Age is a small, two-person team that produces some of the highest quality guitar accessories on the market.

Our luxury picks are meticulously crafted & fit for a Caesar. They challenge the conventional while retaining aesthetics & functionality.
We're inspired by ancient myths from the fiery war gods of Athens, Sagas of the Norse pantheon, to all of its champions & warriors in between.

Iron Age is for those who not only discern the details but appreciate the backstory & thought behind each product.
It's for those who are dedicated to their craft (as we are) and are not afraid to step outside of the traditional bounds.
It's for those passionate about their music & determined to blaze their own trail into victory.

Meet The Makers:

How Our Plectrums Are Made

We take our craft seriously.
That's why our guitar picks are precision cut using CNC machines & CO2 lasers to not only produce accurate engravings but also consistent pick shapes every time.
Inspiration is taken from various mythologies & themes centered around the Iron Age era & we create our vision using computer aided design.
The art of pick-making takes time, practice, and patience.
So we follow up by meticulously sanding, sculpting, and beveling our guitar picks by hand to ensure the best quality in terms of finish & playability.
It can be a tedious processes, but it's our obsession, and the results are worth the wait!

If you're looking for something special in terms of function AND aesthetics,
Why not try one of our plectrums today?
You may find a new inspiration that you just can't put down!

See Our Process

Personalized Guitar Picks

Step up your guitar game with personalized guitar picks!
We can engrave any logo, text, or design you like onto the pick of your choice for a unique and customized look.
Plus, we offer an optional UV glowing resin that gives your picks a cool glow in the dark effect. Give a personalized gift to your favorite guitarist or showcase your own band today!

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Custom Guitar Picks

Looking for a set of guitar picks that are tailored just for you?
Look no further than our custom picks!
You get to choose the materials and design, so you can create a pick that's perfect for your playing style & aesthetic.
There are dozens of combinations to choose from, so you're sure to find the best guitar pick for your needs.
Minimum 12 picks per order.
Includes a shoutout on our Instagram & a set of pro photos.

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