Carbon Fiber Guitar Pick

Hit The BPM Limiter
and boost your tone into high gear.
This not another carbon fiber & plastic hybrid,
it's the real deal.

Here's a pick that's as modern as your playing,
keeping you up to speed & following through with a fresh perspective in tone.

Carbon fiber is a unique material that is sought after
for its weight to strength ratio.
It often replaces both aluminum & steel in high-end exotic vehicles,
as well as in the aerospace industry.

If you favor thinner picks but wish they offered just a bit extra control,
this might just be the pick for you.
At only .60mm thick,
these tread the "light gauge" territory,
but offer a rigidity found only in picks well above 1mm thickness.
The result is a familiar grasp of a thin pick while benefiting
with an extra boost in picking control & grip.

Optimal Playability
is ensured by having each plectrum thoroughly examined for integrity,
& careful
beveling to give you the smoothest attack/release possible.
One Caveat
as mentioned by a fellow enthusiast is that these picks
can produce a bit of dust.
That's simply the composition of tightly-woven graphite fibers.
The amount depends on how aggressively you strike the strings,
some having more than others.

it's a minor drawback compared to the benefits
you'll receive from such a pick.
if you're looking for a pick that plays as stunningly as it looks & has an outstanding tone.
This is definitely one to ponder.
With clarity in tone, rigid picking control, and enhanced grip,
it's a top contender in any collection.

They can even be turned into an attractive necklace or keychain
to take wherever you go, just add some pick clips below & you're all set!

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