Iron Age | Customer Satisfaction & Returns

The 'Iron Fist' Guarantee

What is it?
It's our heavy-handed way breaking through your average-day customer service.
With a full 90 days coverage,
we don't consider our mission complete until you experience
& know for sure that you've made the right choice.

You have a full 90 days to really get a feel for your new gear.
Especially for our picks,
we know this selection can be very personal in so many ways.
Perhaps the tone isn't right, doesn't feel right in your hand,
or maybe the craftsmanship was not up to your standard.

Whatever the case,
we'll make sure you get the option to keep your music
going & new inspirations pouring in.

What about guitar knobs?
With so many guitars available nowadays,
there really isn't a universal potentiometer for all of them.

If your new knobs do not fit or the appearance wasn't what you expected,
just shoot us a message.

We can replace individual knobs & send them out to you by subtracting all
costs from your payment.

If you just flat out change your mind on the new set of knobs,
just keep them around for the full 90 days.
Maybe you'll pick up a new guitar that they would look great on.

We'll still refund your purchase price,
we just ask that you send them back at your own leisure.

Killswitches are a different story.
For all our switches,
we actually have a full 365-day warranty on their functionality.

*Please be sure to use the resistors provided to prevent rupturing the LED.

If you believe you've received a faulty switch or its mechanism goes out on you during this period
of time,
just contact us & we'll quickly find a solution for you at no extra cost.
This applies to both our US & International customers.

We have our installation page that includes most technical aspects of the installation,
however if you need further clarification on any aspect,
Just tap the blue FaceBook "Message" tab to the right & let us know how we can help you.


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