Limited Edition Guitar Picks - Iron Age Guitar Accessories

Our Most Rare & Exclusive Guitar Picks

These picks are handcrafted from the most distinct materials. These are for the pick connoisseurs, collectors , and those who value the best.
From engineering materials, to resin art, & carbon fiber composites - This is the crème of the crop.
Attention to detail is something we're constantly mindful of but it's absolutely paramount when it comes to making these limited picks.
Here you'll find some of our highest regarded or luxurious picks, signature artist models, and even some trendsetters among the plectrum world.

Unlike our general collections like the Imperial or Parthenon picks that are continually re-stocked.
These Limited edition picks are made in small batches throughout the year, and it could be a few weeks, to a few months before another batch is crafted.

Typically we release new limited edition guitar picks or do re-stock events on Fridays @ 12pm Central U.S. time. 
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It's not uncommon for our picks to sell out in the same day, and in some cases, the same hour that they're released.
So if you see one you like, don't hesitate to jump on it & stake your claim!
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