9mm "Ultra" Thick Guitar Picks - Iron Age Guitar Accessories

Goliath & Megalith Plectrums

Bigger, Stronger, Faster
You're gonna have to hold on to this one

Weighing in at 9mm of thickness,
these are picks that flows mercilessly without resistance.

After all,
it's made from virgin-grade UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene).
This means it has one of the lowest co-efficients of friction,
similar to that of our Legio Ferrata Series.

But if you want a thick chunky pick that delivers a comfortable grasp like none
(and is amazingly quick)
this is an option to consider.

Why so thick?
Well with something this fast, you're gonna need something to hold onto.
These come in 2 sizes, one slightly bigger than a jazz3 (more elongated) & the other, a large behemoth with an abundance of surface area to hold onto.

Both feature a sharp point & steep slippery drop-off.
But the main thing about the size, is that it makes holding easier.
They relax the hand, and can be especially helpful for those with hand injuries or conditions that make grasping difficult.

Don't be fooled by it's size though,
this is a chug-champion that decimates multi-string chords with ease & strikes unimpeded by any sort of friction.

Back to its grasp...
Holding this plectrum is in itself an enjoyable experience.
It's not too hard like stone, it has a rubbery feel but doesn't flex - definitely soft
It's like velvet to the touch.
One side is also carved in the slightest to help seat your thumb firmly in place.
The other has a UV reactive inlay that glows a bright green when charged by sunlight or blacklight.

This might sound all good & dandy but you must be careful with something like
You must understand that once you pick one of these up & go off on the strings,
you won't want to stop!

Experience a new way of playing without speed limits.

Check out one of these "Ultra" picks for yourself!
You'll be pleasantly surprised.
This is guaranteed one of the smoothest & most durable picks you will ever play.

For additional info, check out our blog article on:
Thin vs Thick Guitar Picks

Goliath - 30*25.5
Megalith - 34*29
(Both 9mm Thick)

*Not available for engraving

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