Ragnarok Acrylic Guitar Picks - Iron Age Guitar Accessories

Twilight of The Gods

The two wolves swallow the sun & moon, and the world is plunged into darkness. The heroes prepare for the final battle to end all battles. Blood, fire, & death is to ensue...
This pick collection is a tribute to the Norse apocalypse mythology with its core concept of rebirth. Destruction of the old & conception of the new.

With the Ragnarok collection, we're burning away everything you thought a pick could be and rebuilding something new from the ashes.
These guitar picks are crafted from smoldering red & charcoal black pearlescent acrylic. They feature polished & pristine hand-sculpted bevels paired with coarse textured grip.
Nordic symbols also take center stage with our signature green glowing UV accents that light up under UV blacklight.

For those with a burning desire for creation & destruction, the Fenrir's Fang will leave you howling for more.
This is our top rated Ragnarok guitar pick which has inspired a wolf-pack following of its own.
But whatever you choose, pick wisely, and until Valhalla.
*Available For Personalized Pick Engraving


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