For more info on how these switches work, click here --> About Killswitches

Do NOT attempt to run the LED without the provided inline resistors in place.
Applying power to the LED without taming down the voltage first can instantly fry the LED.

**For those with 18v guitars, a total of 680ohms
will be required to tame the voltage. Please leave us a comment with your order
& we can add additional resistors to your package at no extra cost.

*** The new killswitches all have different colored wires to match their LED.
Please use the LED "Color Indicator Dot" on the back of the kill switch to reference the position of the wires. All of our switches have this same configuration.

How To Install A Guitar Killswitch

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Passive Pickups or Guitars w/ Mono Jack

(Using The Micro-Switch Kit)

Passive Mono

Here's our installation guide using a micro-switch kit
into a guitar with passive pickups.

Active Pickups or Guitars w/ Stereo Jack

Active Stereo

Big thanks to CS Guitars for this very informative video!
This includes an installation guide for an active-pickup guitar.

Their wiring interpretation can also be found Here

EMG Solderless Systems
EMG Solderless

[Diagrams Updated 05/01/2016, All Images Copyrighted]

Non-LED Models

(All Pickup Configurations)

Another thanks goes out to Charles Caswell of Berried Alive for this quick video!
This is for installing our non-LED switches by replacing a potentiometer/knob.


Please note that the two wires are interchangeable so don't worry about mixing them up.
1 goes to ground (any) and the other one goes to your pickup's live wire
either at the jack or the potentiometer as shown here.

-These diagrams only serve as a reference,
and aren't the only configurations available as all guitars are different.

-Mounting hole diameter is 16mm

-Each LED kill-switch is composed of two independent circuits,
1 LED & 1 Interrupter circuit.

-Please test your connections before drilling or soldering.

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