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Do NOT connect the 9v battery without first installing the provided inline-resistor.
Applying power to the LED without the resistor in place can instantly fry the LED.


**To get a closer view of any of these diagrams or to leave a comment/question, please visit our >Google+ Kill-switch Page< 

Please check your connections (such as with aligator clips) before soldering.



  • LED Killswitch Wire Layout
  • LED Model Installation, for Mono Jack Guitars
  • LED Model Installation, for Stereo Jack Guitars
  • Non-LED Model Installation
  • Additional Killswitch Information


Iron Age Momentary LED Killswitch Wiring

All Iron Age LED Kill-Switches are configured in this manner.
Even if the wire color is different,
the position in relation to the "LED color indicator" dot
will be the same.

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Installation For Mono Jack Guitars

Mono Jack, Momentary Guitar LED Kill-switch, How To Install
This configuration allows the most control as to when your LED is on/off using a micro-switch.

This can conserve more battery life over time,
but the killswitch will also work 100%
even if the LED is not turned on.

This is the diagram to use if you purchased a micro-switch kit.

It's also for most guitars with passive pickups or ones that have a mono jack installed.

However you can always upgrade the jack to stereo if you prefer.


Here's our installation guide using a micro-switch kit
into a guitar with passive pickups.

Please note that a single (bigger) resistor is now being sent out instead of 2 small ones.

Installation For Stereo Jack Guitars

Stereo Jack, Momentary Guitar LED Kill-switch, How To Install
This configuration will automatically light up the LED when an instrument cable is plugged in & turn it off when unplugged.

Most guitars with active pickups will have a stereo jack & battery already installed.

If you purchased a stereo-jack kit from us,
this is the diagram to use.


Big thanks to CS Guitars for this very informative video!
This includes an installation guide for an active-pickup guitar.

Their wiring interpretation can also be found Here

Non-LED Models

(Both Mono & Stereo Jacks)

Guitar Momentary Guitar Kill Switch

Our Non-LED killswitch models work with any guitar,
and are super easy to install!

Simply connect 1 of the wires to the sleeve(ground) at the jack,
and the other wire to the tip/hot lug.

The two most common jack types are shown & labeled for your reference.


Another thanks goes out to Charles Caswell of Berried Alive for this quick video!
This is for installing our non-LED switches by replacing a potentiometer/knob.


Additional Information

*To enlarge any of the above diagrams, or to leave a comment/question, please visit the Google+ Killswitch Page

**For frequently asked questions, please visit the Killswitch FAQ Page


-Please test your connections  (such as with aligator clips) before drilling or soldering to make sure everything is working 100%

- Drilling: It's recommended that you dril from the front/top of the guitar, and use painters tape to ensure a clean cut & protect the finish around the mounting hole.



-18 volt guitar setups will require aproximately 680 ohms of resistance to tame the voltage for the LED. Please leave a note if you have this set-up & an extra-large resistor will be included with your order at no additional cost.

-The mounting diameter for ALL Iron Age kill-switches is 16mm


-Each LED kill-switch comes with a single grey resistor. It has replaced the 2 small blue ones seen in the installation videos.

-All Iron Age Killswitches come with a 360 day, full year warranty. If your switch becomes faulty from here to there, it can be replaced at no additional. Please contact if this is the case


-For more info on how these switches work, please see the About Killswitches page.

-To learn more about guitar jacks, please check the Mono vs Stereo blog.


[Diagrams Updated 02/19/2018, All Images Copyrighted]