Berried Alive Signature Killswitch

Make History - The 1st Ever Signature Guitar Killswitch
A Berry Useful Tool For Your Music-Making Arsenal

As you may know,
Charles Caswell is known for his extensive use of a killswitch.

The device allows for several techniques on-tap
such as chopping up single notes or chords for a staccato effect
or it can be used at a slower pace for a more traditional tremolo sound.

It does all of this by simply grounding out the pickup signal
when pressed & resuming normal operation when released.

This switch in particular features an aluminum construction
with a separate anodized base & button
and the laser engraved strawberry with crossbones logo.
Two premium pieces of connector wire are included with each switch.

Take A Look & Hear It In Use For Yourself

Can It Be Installed Into Any Guitar?
Yes. This switch will work with both active or passive pickup configurations,
and will fit into slimmer guitars like an Ibanez S model.

Is A Battery Required?
And Will It Affect My Tone?
There is no power needed for operation at all,
the switch is totally passive & out of the way until pressed.

As far as sound, it's installed in a manner that has zero affect
on the rest of your guitar's signal.
It's an isolated device until it's pressed & the signal is re-directed to ground.

How Difficult Is It To Install? Will I Need A Tech?
The wiring is a relatively easy process
that only requires you connecting 2 wires (included).
1 wire goes to the ground (Sleeve) at the jack,
and the other wire goes to the hot wire (Tip) at the jack.

The mounting hole required is 16mm in diameter,
just like all other Iron Age switches,
so you could easily swap them around if you wanted to.

To make the mounting hole,
a 16mm forstner bit is recommended
for the cleanest & most accurate cut.
These are available in the Installation Kit section of the site,
or can sometimes be found at local hardware stores or on Amazon.

Overall, it's a simple DIY project most anyone can do, but if you're uncomfortable performing the installation, a guitar tech should be able to do it in well under an hour.

Support The Artist
A percentage of the proceeds from each signature killswitch 
is attributed to Berried Alive
so they can continue to create more innovative music.
Each purchase helps to keep the independent music act going & the small brand in business - Thank you!

Intended for high-gain applications only
16mm install diameter

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