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Kill The Signal In Between Sets
"They Do In Fact Engage. Replace Your Volume Knob & Go Full Blast On/Off"
  • Everyone is looking for something that sets them apart.
    an uncommon sound.

    That's because if we're truly saying something,

    that expression will belong to us and to nobody else.

    To that end,
    many of us search for things that will allow us to exhibit our creativity and make a statement that feels radically different.

    Adding one of these killswitch to your gear arsenal is like adding an entirely new dimension to your dynamics;
    a different way to express & shape your musical phrasing.

    And because it can be used as a toggle, it's great for muting your guitar in between sets.

    After all,
    sometimes it's not What you say, but How you say it.
    Not only that,
    but a spectacular mod such as this one,
    can open new avenues of creativity for you to explore.

    Iron Age killswitches - Simple, versatile and hugely powerful.

    **Battery pack (Installation kit) recommended if your guitar does not already have a power source installed. This is strictly for the LED, the switch itself will function without power.


  • This model of killswitch acts just like a toggle. When pressed, it remains engaged & all sound is eliminated. That is, until you press the button again to disengage & resume normal sound.

    It can however, still be used rhythmically to create momentary killswitch effects, it just takes a bit more effort to match the speed of our regular momentary switches.

    The mechanism itself acts by grounding out the signal to your pickups. Meaning the signal never reaches back to your amp & is stopped at the source. This doesn't harm your electronics in any way, nor does it create any unwanted popping noises when activated in distorted guitars.

    Some notable guitarists who have adopted the killswitch as a signature to their playing include:
    Buckethead, Eddie Van Halen, & Tom Morello

    The music is in the space between the notes

  • Lucky for you, these switches are compatible with BOTH passive & active pickup guitar setups.

    It just depends on the configuration you want to use.

    Do you want control of the LED? Any toggle switch will work for this, but we also offer some micro-switches on our Installation Kit page(Install Kits are optional & sold separately)

    Do you want the LED to automatically turn on when the instrument cable is inserted? Then a simple stereo jack will do the trick. Most active-pickup guitars already have one installed! These are also available on our Installation Kit page(Install Kits are optional & sold separately)

    Can you use the killswitch without the LED? For sure, simply cap off the two lighting wires. The switch will still function 100%

    Do these work on bass guitars too? Absolutely worked on this awesome Krashburn Atlass II Bass :)

    Krashburn Guitars Bass LED Killswitch

    Installation is a breeze with our provided installation guides & FAQ.

    Countless customers have transformed their guitars into outstanding icons with little to no issues due to the resources provided & our willingness to help.

    Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions regarding installation.


  • Say goodbye to bulky kill-boxes or finicky plastic buttons!

    Iron Age Dr Evil Kill Switch Box
    Each killswitch features a stainless "spartan" steel look that's both
    rugged & embodies relentless durability.

    The button's action leaves a satisfying click in its wake, providing you with accurate, reliable functionality. It's also a joy to press!

    On a dark stage, the illuminated button is a real eye-grab, inspiring confidence and quickly pinpointing the button without missing a beat.


    To make life just a bit easier for you, each switch comes with professionally soldered leads. This saves you time & some of the hassle of having to hook up extra wires.

    Installation is a cinch with just some basic wiring skills. There's 2 killswitch wires, & 2 LED wires. There's no need for complicated splicing or wire-routing. You can have your switch up & running in as little as half an hour.

    There's 3 LED colors available to light up the stage!

    Blue, Red, & White

    Are LED Lights not your thing? No worries. You can simply cap off the LED wires & leave them unhooked. Just connect the remaining 2 killswitch wires.

    You still get 100% functionality & a super-sleek look.

    Each order includes:

    • 1 Premium LED Killswitch (Pre-wired)
    • 1 Rubber gasket to protect your guitar's finish underneath.
    • 1 150 ohms resistor for your LED
    • 3 Complementary Iron Age Picks
    • An "Iron-Fist" 365-day, no-bull ,Warranty
    • Incredible customer service around the globe which Iron Age is known for.

    **Installation kits & drill bits are optional & sold separately
    >Click Here< to learn more

    Pick your LED color & order yours today.


  • Here at Iron Age, our mission doesn't end at checkout.

    It doesn't end when your item ships out,

    nor when it arrives conveniently in your mailbox.

    Only when you're 100% satisfied with your purchase, can we rest assured that we did an outstanding job.

    For this reason, our "Iron Fist" Warranty is offered, covering all switches for an entire 365-days. No bull & no questions asked.

    If you believe your switch arrived defective, we'll take your word for it.

    If it goes out for any reason during this time or stops functioning as intended,
    no problem.

    It doesn't matter if you're here in the US, up north in Canada, or across the pond in Sweden, we'll make it right 100%.

    Knowing that you're getting the best in the business,
    don't hesitate now, choose the LED color that suits you best & order yours today!

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