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Mini LED Killswitch
(No Drilling Required)

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Add A New Layer Of Creativity To Your Playing
Easily Drops Into An Existing Potentiometer Hole

What's a Kill-switch?
Firstly, it's a switch that momentarily mutes or "kills" the guitar signal
while pressed & resumes when it's released.
When used rhythmically & combined with your playing,
It can be used to create staccato or tremolo-like effects.

These Mini (9.75mm) switches are just like the bigger 16mm ones we carry
but don't require any permanent modification (Drilling)!

They fit most standard potentiometer holes
so it's easy to replace a tone or volume pot you don't use.
Best of all, you can revert your guitar back to a stock set-up
if you change your mind later down the road.
Transferring the switch between different guitar is also a more viable option with a bit of soldering.

If you've ever installed one of our standard 16mm switches,
these will wire up just the same and are compatible with active-pickup guitars.
(The existing stereo jack & battery can be shared)

Guitars with passive pickups will just need a stereo jack & battery to operate the LED.
We also have pre-made installation kits that include these items >here<

If bright LEDs aren't your aesthetic, the wires for the lights can be left undone
without affecting how the kill-switch itself functions.
In this case a stereo jack & battery are not required at all
and the switch installs just like our other 16mm non-LED versions.

Both white/colored wires are for the LED and both black wires are for the kill-switch.
(Killswitch wire 1 to "Tip" & Killswitch wire 2 to "Sleeve" at the jack)

Just like our other switches,
these mini versions also come with a 365 day warranty.
If your switch fails during its first year,
we'll replace it free of charge.

For frequently asked questions, checkout our >Kill-switch F.A.Q.<

For installation instructions, checkout >Kill-switch Installation<

Install Diameter: 7.5mm

Depth Required: 30mm

**Intended for high-gain applications,
as using these with clean tones can lead to unwanted popping when activated
as with all kill-switches.

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