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Pick of Destiny (v1)

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A Legendary Pick That's Destined To Rock

There's many POD replicas out there, but none quite like this.

This pick is crafted from a solid sheet of glowing cast-acrylic.
It's some heavy duty stuff, and holds an incredible glow.
(Thee brightest Iron Age has used to date)

Guaranteed - you will see this thing radiating into the night,
long after lights out.

The grip on a pick like this is bar-none.

The entire design is deeply engraved & easy to hold.
Having it slip out of your hand is near impossible & finding it can be a breeze.
(just switch the lights off)

A Functional Replica

These picks are designed for playing, unlike other replicas.

Each features hand-sculpted tips ensure a smooth playing experience, and their thickness guarantees durability.

Additionally, the bevels are finished in a smooth satin texture for superb feel & sound.

Last but not least, the faces feature a coarse brushed texture on both sides. Couple this with the deep engravings & this is a pick that pushes the limits of grip.

If you're looking to rock harder than any mere mortal - look no further. These will definitely deliver some soul crushing power-chords.

Glow In The Dark Plectrums

When it comes to the glow on these picks, it's like nothing you've ever seen before – it's the brightest material we've ever used. If you want to unleash its full potential, here's the scoop on how to charge it up, just like the legendary pick of destiny from the movie.

The ultimate method to supercharge these picks is with a UV blacklight, any kind will do. This is the secret to getting the most jaw-dropping results. In fact, all the stunning pictures you see here were taken using a UV flashlight to showcase its epic glow.

Now, the second-best way to charge the glow is to let them soak up some direct sunlight for just a few seconds. This will give you a solid, lasting effect until the glow eventually fades. But remember, using a UV light will keep that glow going as long as the pick is bathed in its UV radiance.

If you're in a pinch, you can also use a regular flashlight or any other artificial light source, but the intensity won't match the first two options. For the ultimate glow experience with Iron Age picks in general, we highly recommend going the UV flashlight route. It's the surefire way to unlock the full magic that these picks can produce.


*Each pick sold individually

** Can be drilled to turn into a pendant,
just leave an "order note" in the slide-out cart.
(No Extra charge)

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