Brass Metal Guitar Picks - Iron Age Guitar Accessories

Classic "Ducat" Metal Brass Pick

Mellow Down & Tune Up
Bright & Articulate Tones To Unwind To

It's like an everlasting chime of a bell,
sweet & resonant as it strums across the strings.

These aren't your conventional picks,
but likewise, produce a unique sound of their own.

Some would say these guitar picks produce a brighter sound compared to plastics,
and because of their hefty weight, produce a nice punchy tone.

Each is precision cut for consistency
and carefully hand-finished from solid brass.

And although they're metal,
brass is softer than steel & won't be so punishing on your strings
like other steel or titanium picks will.

Still, they're sturdy enough to last you hours upon hours of enjoyable usage.

The tone is articulate & the feel is pleasantly smooth as they glide across the strings.
That's because we refine our bevels to a buttery-smooth contour
before polishing them to a fine reflective finish.

In addition,
we improve its "grip" characteristics by sanding the faces with a nice satin texture
and engraving a deep sword & logo to each pick.
It's a subtle detail but allows that much more grip
and provides a nice contrast the pristine polished edges.

It really is a great feeling pick.
It's weighty & with plenty of heft.
It almost feels like you're holding a golden coin,
which is why we've nicknamed them "Ducats" after the currency used in Europe during the Middle Ages.
It doesn't get much more Iron Age than that.

Now available in 2 sizes,
Standard & Jazz.
Each sold separately.

Not available for personalized engravings.

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Standard - 30.5 x 25.5 x 1.5mm
Jazz - 27 x 24 x 1.5mm

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