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Featured: Kaotic Resin Guitar Picks - Hyperion

Cosmic Creativity Unleashed

Experience The Titanic Tone & Be Part of The Legacy

In the heart of ancient Greece, the Titans, towering symbols of power, held dominion over the cosmos. Among them, Hyperion, the Titan of light, whose very name resonated with grandeur, commanded the realms of day and night.

Today, we invite you to grasp a piece of that celestial power with our Hyperion Guitar Picks, where the myths of old and the music of today converge in harmony.

Radiance & Resonance: A Mythic Symphony in Your Hands

Our Hyperion picks transcend the realm of mere guitar accessories, evolving into artistry & legacy.

One side of these legendary picks reveals an enchanting play of colors—Shifting shimmers of green & purple, echoing the sun's vibrant hues. These colors embody the essence of the Titan who heralded the sun's descent & the advent of night.

Turn the pick to reveal the otherworldly magic of the cosmos—a mesmerizing blend of UV-reactive orange, blue, & white swirls. This side symbolizing the celestial equilibrium mirrored by Titans like Hyperion in the ancient Greek cosmos.

A Luminous Glow

A touch of mystique adds to the enchantment of our Hyperion picks. Featuring a green glow-in-the-dark Iron Age logo which takes on a life of its own.

When the sun sets, it continues to shine in the dark, reminiscent of the luminous presence of Hyperion himself.

Crafted by Titans, Shaped by Artisans, Played by You

Craftsmanship that transcends the ordinary is the hallmark of Hyperion Guitar Picks. The material is not merely shaped; it's woven with the artistic mastery of Kaotic Artworks. With two decades of experience, this artist infuses the material with creativity & soul.

From the resin artist's hands, the material travels to us as the artisans, who sculpt it into one of the finest guitar picks around. It's us who like the mythical Titans of old, adds the final touches to an already extraordinary creation.

Finally, the torch passes into your hands, the musician & artist. As you pluck the strings, the legacy of the Titans, the dedication of the resin artist, and the craftsmanship of Iron Age converges into a symphony of sound, a testament to your unique artistic expression.

Limited Edition: A Legacy in Your Possession

In the spirit of their mythic origins, the Hyperion picks are limited edition. As of now, only 35 of these will ever exist, each one as unique as the stories that inspired them. When you own a Hyperion pick, you hold a piece of history, a legacy waiting to be explored, and a tribute to the Titans themselves.

32 * 25.5 * 7mm

*Not available for engravings

 Available Friday March 1, 2024

About Kaotic Resin Guitar Picks

The picks listed here are our latest "special editions" that are made specially from resin art poured by Justin of Kaotic Artworks.

They are only available in limited quantities with 2nd batches being unlikely, so each run of picks is totally unique.

This page will have Kaotic guitar picks swapped, rotated out, or new variations occasionally added/removed once an entire batch is sold out. With that said, come check this page out form time to time to see if we have any new additions to the line up.

These are some of our most exclusive guitar picks available so we cannot offer custom engravings on them. Engraving comes with a risk of failure & that is not something we're willing to roll the dice on with such limited quantities & special picks.

About Kaotic Artworks

We have been working with Justin of Kaotic Artworks since 2019 (with the creation of the Bifrost pick) yet he has been pouring resin art for over 20 years!

He is a master of his craft in creating unique reality-defying pieces of art using various resins such as epoxy, urethane, & acrylics.

His artwork has been featured by craftsmen of all types, and has been used to craft everything from knives, to jewelry, guitars, & now our plectrums.

>>Read more about Justin here<<

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