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Medusa Plectrums

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From Gorgon to Paragon
A stone dead gaze, A petrifying sound to echo through the ages

Born as a beautiful mortal,
Medusa was one of the three Gorgon daughters.

She was condemned by the goddess of war, Athena,
to be turned into a hideous monster with snakes for hair
and eyes that could turn anyone who looked into them into stone.

That is until the mythic hero Perseus
challenged & slayed the gorgon.

This was successfully accomplished by his resourcefulness & quick thinking
of using his shield's reflection as a guide in battle to avoid the gorgon's gaze.

Upon slaying Medusa,
Perseus used her head as a weapon on his following quests
before gifting it over to Athena, who would go on to
mount the gorgon's head onto her own shield - The Aegis.

How It's Crafted
The pick was designed by our wise craftswoman, Sofia, and inspired by the Myth of Medusa.
The Material is made out of a marble-like stone & acrylic composite,
as if it was chiseled off the victims of the gorgon and handcrafted
back from gruesome to beautiful like Medusa before her affliction.
(from Gorgon to Paragon)

Each pick is engraved with the iconic head of Medusa,
a symbol of heroism, bravery, & protection.
An image to repel evil & worthy to adorn the shield of the goddess of war.
This engraving also features a green pearlescent color fill
with green UV reactive resin that glows in the dark.
(Shines brightest under UV Blacklight)

Each pick is individually sanded by hand & finished into two distinct textures.
The faces of the picks are done in a smooth satin finish for grip
and a contrasting gloss finish on the edges & bevels.
Smooth & subtle to the touch with a sleek look.

How It Feels
The pick itself is very comfortable...
The soft satin, the grip, the hefty weight of the material,
the smoothness across the strings & the thunderous sound.
It's all enough to initially petrify the senses
before making every last riff rock to the fullest.

Feel the victory of Perseus between your fingers
and behold the head of the gorgon as a sonic paragon to be echoed into eternity.

Tyrian Purple (2023)

The new "Tyrian Purple" plectrum features a gold pearl engraving & reflects a reddish hue that coincides with its alternate color name of "Phoenician Red".

These new royal purple plectrums are crafted from a hefty 5mm stone & acrylic hybrid material for a weighty feel & superb playability that acrylic is known for.
It's the best of both worlds!

Emperor's Jade (NEW For 2024)

In the realm of guitar picks, we are proud to unveil the "Emperor's Jade," a regal addition to our collection that embodies the opulence and mystique of ancient imperial treasures.

Inspired by the illustrious Imperial Jade, a gemstone historically reserved for Chinese emperors and often associated with nobility and perfection, our Emperor's Jade plectrum is a tribute to this symbol of power and prosperity.

The vibrant green hue, laced with golden veins, not only captures the visual splendor of the stone but also pays homage to the Jade Emperor, a key figure in Chinese mythology who presides over the heavens and embodies the virtues of wisdom & fairness.

  • 5mm thick for a comfy hold without being cumbersome
  • Brushed faces & engraving for enhanced gripping quality
  • Polished bevels allow for a smooth pick attack/release across the strings
  • Stone/Acrylic hybrid is the best of both worlds in terms of tone & playability.

~5mm Thick

Each Pick Sold Individually

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