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Stark Winter Guitar Pick

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When The Snows Fall & The White Winds Blow...
... The Starks Will Endure.

With words of Warning & Vigilance
The Stark Winter Pick features the sigil of the direwolf
and motto of one of the great houses of Westeros.

If you're allegiance is to the Stark House
and you seek a pick that cuts like the frigid winds of the north,
your search ends here.

This special edition pick
is handcrafted from the tried & true material
used in the Ivory Parthenon Collection.

They're 3.5mm thick, making them easy to hold
and are tapered to a sharp point for accurate picking.

Each pick features a Stark Direwolf & motto engraving,
which coupled with the coarse-brushed texture,
add to the superb grip characteristics.
This engraving is also UV reactive,
can be charged with direct sunlight or blacklight,
and glows in the dark.

A pilot hole has also been added to each pick
for easily pinpointing the center in order to
turn it into a pendant.
If you wish to have the pilot hole drilled through
completely, simply leave an order note requesting
the pendant version of the pick.

This special run of Stark Winter picks
is limited to 25 pieces

Dimensions: 30*26*3.5mm

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