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The Dragon Scale Plectrum

Who Dares Wins
Will You Accept The Call To Adventure?

The journey of the hero is laden with trials & tribulations.
Only those with an iron will, faith, & steadfastness can see it to the very end. What awaits in the darkest depths of this journey is a face-off with the dragon. The dragon who might represent fear, pain, danger, or the dark side of yourself you might keep under lock & key.

The dragon scale plectrum is the remembrance of all you’ve overcome.
It’s the sword pulled from the stone for those who’ve slain & overcome fears. Freedom is on the other side. The will to win is what it takes.


This concept was first devised back in 2018 & the pick was the first of its kind as far as we knew. The aluminum hex encased in green glowing resin was a huge hit & consensus was to name it “the dragon scale”.

We felt that using aluminum at the playing tips wasn’t quite practical as the resin would wear faster & leave the aluminum sticking out of the pick. This was solved by using a new technique to craft a composite resin tip that we’ve used ever since. The result is both outstanding looks & functionality.

To maximize the durability of the Dragon Scale, we not only employed a hard resin tip but also a tapered profile instead of traditional beveling. This is to keep more material on the tip & have it wear-in to your natural playing angle over time.

In the grip department we have a full satin finish coupled with a blood red engraving to keep the pick in place & prevent it from rotating mid-song. The satin finish on the bevels also gives the slightest resistance when plucked across the strings (similar to that of a violin bow) & produces a nice tone.

As with other Iron Age picks, this one is no lightweight & is a solid 3.5mm in thickness. This actually aids in having a comfortable hold without strain & still retain optimal playability. Dimensions are: 29.5x28mm

Limited Edition
This material was obtained a couple years back & unfortunately the Florida-based maker has gone silent since. We've only offered these picks twice in the past and this is our biggest & last batch to date, unless we can find a new supplier for the material.

Currently we will be offering them as a pre-order starting on September 1st, 2023 @ 12pm Central & will begin shipping next week on Friday the 8th.

Limited x40 Picks

…Everyone receives the call to adventure, but not everyone is ready or willing to take it.
Do you have what it takes?


Only one who has risked the fight with the dragon and is not overcome by it wins the “treasure hard to attain”. He alone has a genuine claim to self-confidence, for he has faced the dark ground of his self and thereby has gained himself.... for everything that menaced him from inside he has made his own. He has arrived at an inner certainty which makes him capable of self-reliance. (Carl Jung)

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