Bifrost Guitar Pick

From Midgard To Asgard
The bridge between mere mortals & the Aesir

If you didn't know,
The Bifrost is a rainbow bridge in Norse mythology.

It connects the earth (humanity) to the realm of the gods.
No mortal man may cross it,
however the souls of worthy warriors may pass
in order to join the ranks of Odin's own army (The Einherjar)...
An army that is being prepared for the battle to end all battles

The Bifrost bridge is also guarded by the Norse god Heimdall.
And during the brink of Ragnarok, the end of days,
It's Heimdall who will sound the alarm (the Gjallarhorn)
as the nemesis of the gods (The giants) storm across this very bridge.

About the Bifrost Pick
Much like the Ragnarok collection,
this special pick is also inspired by Norse Mythology.

It's made from a one-of-a-kind material & crafted by an experienced resin artist.
(Kaotic Artworks)

Due to the limited amount of this material,
there are only a total of 60 picks available.

Each pick is totally unique as far as the patterns go
& has a different pattern on each side.

The front of the pick features a "Bifrost" engraving in aqua blue glow.
This can be charged in as little as a minute in direct sunlight,
but is especially bright & most awe-inspiring under a UV blacklight.

These are approximately 4mm thick and have a tapered profile that slims down to a sharp point.
The bevels are minimal & blend in smoothly allowing for ambidextrous use.

These picks also feature a 2-tone aesthetic with lightly brushed satin texture on the faces, and a pristine polish on the edges & bevels. This not only adds contrast but also provides more grip & smooth playable edges.

The dimensions are slightly smaller than a traditional "351" pick,
they are 29*27mm so about medium in size.

Final Note
These picks are NOT on pre-order,
they are 100% finished & ready to ship!

Also because of the limited numbers
and finished state,
these are not available for personalized engraving.

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