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Crusader UHMWPE Plectrum

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Conquer Every Note

A Guitar Pick of Unmatched Resilience & Unrivaled Performance

Crafted from the remarkable UHMWPE material, the "Crusader" Guitar Pick is a true embodiment of strength, durability, and righteousness.

Like a knight's armor, it's built to withstand the test of time, promising unparalleled longevity, ensuring that it stands by your side, battle after battle.

With dimensions measuring 25x31mm and a thickness of 6mm, this pick isn't just a pick; it's a musical weapon.

But the "Crusader" offers more than just resilience; it provides you with a grip and comfort that's unparalleled. Its formidable thickness doesn't compromise on playability; instead, it enhances your control, allowing you to strike each note with precision.

This pick isn't just a tool; it's a symbol of artistic bravery, enabling you to venture into uncharted musical realms and etch your legacy in the annals of guitar history.

But here's the catch: the "Crusader" is a limited edition, a rare gem that's here today and may be gone tomorrow. Your destiny awaits – don't miss this chance to elevate your musical journey and bring forth justice to every last note you play.

It's a pick that stands as a testament to your unyielding passion for music.


Dimensions: 25*31mm & 6mm Thick
Each sold separately.

*Not available for engraving

Available November 10 @ 12pm Central

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