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Have you been on the fence about picking up that kill-switch to mod your guitar?
Maybe wondering what it might look like on a similar guitar?
Check out the dozens of images that our happy customers have uploaded of their successful installations.

Or perhaps you're interested in the characteristics of a certain guitar pick?
You might find out you're actually not the only one seeking this out.
Many have shared their insights on just that... For example, How does the guitar pick play, how does it feel in the hand, what kind of music is it being used to play... etc
We know it can be difficult to get a real feel for an item through a screen,
so we rely strongly on fellow reviewers to shine some light on the matter.

In any case, here you'll find a ton of insights on both our products
as well as our service provided.
With over 2,000 positive reviews from professional guitarists,
hobby guitarists, studio artists, or those who just like to dabble but appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into it all...
One thing is for certain - We're doing something right and our customers are happy to have found us.

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