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Retiarius Ultem Guitar Pick

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The Triple Threat Tri-Pick

A Nimble & Durable Performer With Plenty of Grip

This pick is named after one of the most popular gladiator types of ancient Rome,

The Retiarius, who was known to fight using a net & a Fuscina (Trident).

Although these fighters weren't heavily armored, they made up for it in speed & agility which was used to outmaneuver their opponents.

This pick takes inspiration with its three available playing points, a small size, & made from durable Ultem material in order to take on whatever you throw at it.

So if you're a fan of small, sharp & pointy jazz picks, this is a pick to seriously consider!

Hold On Tight

The Retiarius pick is designed with performance in mind & it starts with grip.
It features grip holes to help prevent the pick from turning mid-song, it has brushed-textured faces on both sides, & it has a UV-reactive engraving inlay
to further aid in tactile grip.

Not only that, but it's approximately 3mm thick for a comfortable grasp & balanced profile. Not too thick or cumbersome & not too thin or flimsy.

Three Playable Points

Like a Fuscina trident, this pick has 3 points of contact. So no matter what end you hold this pick, you've got a sharp & steady point ready to go.

All 3 points have a tapered profile with slim polished bevels for articulate playing
and smooth glassy action across the strings.


The Retiarius is a practical & performance oriented luxury pick. If small jazz picks are your thing & are looking for the added durability, consider netting this handcrafted Ultem pick for your collection today!

Guitar Pick Features:

  • Durable Ultem (PEI) Construction
  • Grip Holes & Coarse Textured Grip Enhancements
  • UV-Reactive Glowing Engraving (Aqua)
  • Sharp & Tapered Profiles For Articulate Playing
  • Modeled After The Widely-Acclaimed Jazz3
  • Polished Bevels For Smooth Playability

Dimensions: 26*26*3mm

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