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Gladius Ultem Guitar Pick

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Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level

Durability, Grip, & Performance

Looking for a guitar pick that can take a beating & keep up? This pick is named after the gladius sword used by gladiators of ancient Rome – and just like those fierce warriors, this pick is ready to take on anything.

The Gladius is precision cut & handcrafted from solid 3mm Polyetherimide, or "Ultem" as it's more commonly known as.

This makes it a prime choice for those that desire a tough pick that delivers exceptional accuracy, agility, & relentless performance.

Steadfast Grip

The gladius is designed with two grip holes & coarse textured faces to help prevent slipping while playing.

This pick is also engraved with our sword & laurel logo for further grip enhancement & glows an aqua blue color under UV blacklight.

Last but not least, it's crafted in a 3mm thickness which give it the perfect balance of usability & comfort without being too bulky.

Smooth Playability

This guitar pick features a razor sharp tapered profile that's precise & articulate so every one of your notes rings out to its fullest.

The polished bevels not only provide a classy contrast, but also makes the pick feel smooth as glass as it glides across the strings.


If you're looking for a luxury guitar pick that will help take your playing to new heights, look no further than the Gladius.

It's made from a durable polymer, has grip in spades, and is crafted to perform flawlessly. Not to mention it's modeled after the ever-popular jazz3 guitar pick.

Jump in the fray & order yours today!

Guitar Pick Features:

  • Durable Ultem Construction
  • Coarse Texture & Holes For Enhanced Grip
  • Aqua Glow UV-Reactive Engraving
  • Sharp Tapered Profile For Accuracy
  • Modeled After The Popular Jazz3
  • Polished Bevels For Smooth Glassy Tone

Dimensions: 26*23*3mm

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