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Secutor Ultem Guitar Pick

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Chase After Excellence

Wide Grip, Strong Durability & Agile Performance

This guitar pick, as well as the gladiator class that it's named after, means "Chaser" or "One who pursues".

The Secutores were recognized for wearing oval helmets with only 2 holes for visibility for protection against their Retiarius foes.

They weren't the most heavily armored fighters but therefore needed to move fast, be evasive, and depend on their agility to survive.

This plectrum takes inspiration form those very helmets and is made for those who are in pursuit of fiery speed & performance.

Each pick is machined from a solid sheet of Ultem & handcrafted precisely. The result is a pick with outstanding durability that's specially made for you.

W I D E <- - - > G R I P 

The secutor is just as wide as it is tall,
meaning there's a whole lot of surface area to grab onto.

Couple that with the textured gripping surface, drilled holes,
and engravings & you have an awesome mix for a pick that stays put.

And with a thickness of 3mm with a tapered profile, it stays true to its name & remains nimble - especially for larger hands.

On Playability

This plectrum has a tapered profile with a fairly sharp point. The playing point isn't extremely sharp but still bring clarity & precision with a brighter tone than the Provocator for example.

Like the other gladiators, this one also features contrasting bevels that are polished to a high degree. Not only does this add to the two-tone aesthetic, but it provides a glassy surface for the pick to glide across the strings.


If you're looking for a new go-to or want to venture outside of the usual, consider treating yourself to the top-shelf when it comes to handcrafted picks.

These secutor picks are like a mixture of a JazzXL, A Bellona pick shape, and a wide gripping surface to keep the pick in your hand & off the ground.

Chase excellence, perform your best. Order your Secutor pick today!

Guitar Pick Features:

  • Sturdy Ultem Construction (Durable)
  • Extra Wide Shape & Drilled Holes For Grip
  • Aqua Glow UV-Reactive Engraving
  • Tapered Profile w/ Balanced Point
  • Modeled After The JazzXL & Imperial Bellona
  • Polished Bevels For Glassy Smooth Playing

Dimensions: 30.5*30.5*3mm

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