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Bellona Acrylic Guitar Pick

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The Fire-Eyed Maid of Smoky War
A Wider Pick With A Smoother Tone

Bellona, the ancient roman goddess of war,
was believed to inspire frenzy & enthusiasm,
(Much like that of the Norse berserkers).

She is often depicted wielding a sword, spear, or shield,
and a torch as she rides into battle in a 4-horse chariot.

Grip & Tone At Its Centerpiece
To keep you on track, note after note,
this pick features a larger surface area.

And with this special material already being used to craft
pistol grips & knife handles, that really says something.

As you can see,
this pick features a rounded theme,
and that's the kind of tone you can expect.

This works especially well for Blues & Jazz,
where you can throw in the occasional quick-lick frenzy.

Even the point is smoothly tapered, polished,
and set-up for a pristine attack across the strings.

Something Distinct
It's quite hard to beat the elegance of the Bellona pick.

Which features an unreal depth of dark shimmers & pearlescent waves.

-Hold it one way & it turns a pitch black.
-Turn it the other way, & it gleams into a blue metallic.
-Flip the lights off, & its center ring glows in allure.

Truly a unique guitar pick for any collection,
each stamped with our "sword & laurels" emblem of victory.

Sizing & Playability
The Bellona measures in at a 3.5mm thickness, but have no fear.
As we mentioned, each pick is meticulously crafted.
Each point is carefully tapered to ensure smooth playability.

You might even consider such a pick easier to grasp!

Dimensions for the Bellona plectrum are: 30.5*30.5mm
Making it slightly shorter than a regular pick,
but compensating the difference with a wider profile.

The Imperial Series "Bellona" Pick
An excellent choice if you seek a wide pick with more control.

You can expect a one-of-a-kind look & feel,
as well as a new bolder tone.

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