Provocator Ultem Guitar Pick

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A New Challenger Appears

A heavy-hitting, full sized, sledge-hammer of a pick

The Provocator was the heavily armored class of gladiators, and were only allowed to fight other equally matched provocators.

This resulted in highly competitive battles that boiled down to skill, will, or luck to determine the victor.

The name Provocator roughly translates into "Challenger", and this pick is certainly up to the task of living up to its name.

Each is made from solid polyetherimide (PEI) or "Ultem" as often called. This makes for a tough & durable pick that balances grit with swift elegance.

The Word Is GRIP

"A firm & tenacious hold providing control & mastery." This pick has plenty of it with its textured grip, deep engraving, & grip holes to prevent slipping.

Couple that with the 3mm thickness & you have a perfect blend of a comfortable hold & usability that's hard to beat.

The "Sword & Laurel" logo is also packed with an aqua UV reactive resin that give it a color pop when exposed to blacklight.

Swift & Supreme Playability

The Provocator plectrum has a tapered & slightly rounded point for hammering away power-chords & flowing through the strings.

It features polished bevels that not only contrast the textured grip beautifully, but also provide a smooth glassy feel with a warmer tone compared to shaper picks.


If you want a high-end pick that will help level up your playing...
If you need a pick that's durable, comfortable to hold,
focused on grip & performance.

Rise up to the challenge,
Look no further than the Provocator.

Guitar Pick Features:

  • Built-To-Endure Ultem Construction
  • Drilled Holes & Texture For Grip Enhancement
  • UV-Reactive Aqua Colored Engraving
  • Tapered Profile w/ Slightly Rounded Point
  • Full-Sized Plectrum, A Supercharged "351"
  • Polished Bevels For Smooth & Warm Tone

Dimensions: 31*27*3mm

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