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Aegis Acrylic Guitar Pick

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Ageless & Immortal
Borne By Athena In Battle

In Greek myth, the Aegis is the shield of protection.
Carried only by 2 of the most prominent deities;
Zeus, & Athena, goddess of craft, wisdom, & war.


With a severed head of a gorgon at it's centerpiece...

It is said to of "produced a sound as from a myriad roaring dragons" (Iliad, 4.17).


We present YOU our aegis of power & protection.

Handcrafted from the finest cast-acrylic in the land, radiating in a dark pearlescent glory.

The material (used to make pistol grips & knife handles) holds on to dear life at your fingertips. It's polished to a high degree yet produces a grippy surface that's aided by our emblem of authenticity.


Thin picks make for a thin sound.

The  Aegis pick is 4mm thick. Perhaps too much for the uninitiated.

Yet when you grasp it in your hand, you notice an instant relaxation in your grip.

You actually feel like you're holding something of value.

It's got weight.

And the sound at first strike, while not exactly the roar of a dragon, is night & day to your traditional celluloid pick (flopping in the air).

The sound is BIGGER, fuller, louder, every note makes an impact that rings true.


How is this even playable? 

Here at Iron Age we know a thing or two about crafting a fine pick that not only looks the part, but is functional.

Each pick is individually hand beveled. It's a devout process, but doing it solely  by hand is the only way to get a true feel of the pick taking shape.

The bevel on the Aegis features a sharp drop-off for a quick attack off the strings.


Things to consider about sizing.

If you're a fan of the jazz3 shape, or especially our "Spearhead" models, you'll find this a tad familiar. When compared to a traditional-shaped pick (like our delrin picks), the Aegis is only about 1mm narrower & 2mm longer.

It's dimensions are 25*32.5mm - good size, not too big or small, but definitely pointy.

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