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Legatus Acrylic Guitar Pick

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Snap To Attention, The General Has Arrived!
A Trifecta of Tone - 3 Tips To Switch Up Your Style

The Emperor-appointed legionary commander, front and center.

It's the union of 3 unique-playing tips that bears strength to this special

Experience a glassy refined tone with a range of usefulness.
Whether you're looking forward to precision picking in your licks or a chunky tone for your powerchords.

The Legatus is up for the task.

What's So Special?
We can start with the pearlescent blues that shimmer at all angles.
It's a pick that radiates a luxurious silky depth.

You could spend quite a while just staring away at it,
but it begs to be played.

Of course it offers a variety of tones,
all glassy-smooth but with different tips that feels just right for the occasion.

Each Legatus pick is precision cut for consistency & handfinished to master the
details. Yet no two are the same in regards to their blue pearlescent patterns.

The material itself is a tried-and-true acrylic used in the making of boutique
knife handles & exquisite pistol grips.

A grabby surface (even when polished) is its prized trait.

Sizing Specs, Playability, & Lifespan
This pick is the result of many requests for a larger pick. A tri-pick at that.

The dimensions for the Legatus are 33*33mm or about 1.3 inches squared.
So a bit bigger than a standard sized 30*26mm pick without being overly bulky.

The thickness is a hefty 3.5mm however it's very carefully tapered all around to
ensure a classy & functional pick.

All bevels & surfaces are polished to a high gloss,
and because of its 3 tips, you can expect 3 times the durability.

This is one pick that's gonna keep on giving any way you play it.

Gangway For The Legatus!
Here's what to expect from this legion commander:

  • 3 Unique playing tips
  • Glassy Tone
  • Illuminated (Aqua) Accents
  • An Exquisite Pearl Look & Polished Feel
  • A Playing Experience Unlike Any Other

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