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Spearhead Guitar Pick

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An Aggressive, Sharp & Precise Plectrum

Get Ready To Plunge Headfirst Into New Sonic Territory

Bone nuts & saddles are used to enhance your tone, so why not infuse your playing a step further?

If the jazz xl is in the middle, and the 3 is slightly to its left, then—in terms of aggression—spearheads are in a western neighboring state.

These picks are sharp—both physically and sonically. Looking like something you would find on a battlefield, these picks are designed with clarity, precision and all-out shredding in mind.

The sound of the spearhead is unlike any other pick. It's impressive in appearance & incredibly functional.

The attack has a fierce bite, and the decay is very fast, so that the overall sound is extremely pointed.

These are our most aggressive picks in this series. They're highly articulate & with great precision; our flagship model since day one.

A Word Of Warning

As holding one of these feels like holding a weapon designed for rapid fire. These picks are perfect for all sorts of Metal, Shred and Rock.

And because of our updated design, break in times are greatly reduced. These are ready to perform at first strike.

The Guitar Pick Tone

We've gotten away from animal products as you can see, no more bone or horn available.

However we've found this very dense "Ivory" substitute that handles very much in the same way as bone.

It too produces a punchy midrange like natural bone,with the added benefit of bringing out higher frequencies.

Guitar Pick Dimensions & Sizing Specs

The Spearhead weighs in at 29*24mm
so it's a bit on the narrow side but the length is very close to the JazzXL.

This makes it a choice to consider whether you have small or larger hands.
It's also offered in varying thicknesses: a chunky 4mm version is standard, but can be customized down to a 2.5mm, which is how thick the original (bone) spearhead was.

**Please leave a note at checkout as to what thickness you would like, or a default thickness of 4mm will be sent out to you.

And if you like the sound & feel of the spearhead, be on the lookout for the longer & even sharper, (Limited Edition) Texas Rattler!

Made To Order

Each of these picks is handcrafted only after you place your order.
It's gives it more meaning when it's being made specifically for you,
than simply filling in the stock.

Great care is taken to perfect the bevels,
& ultimately your playing experience.

This is what makes even the thicker 4mm picks playable,
and the thinner 2.5's a joy to strum.

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