Crystal Spearhead

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A Glassy New Edition of An Iron Age Classic
Smooth, Lustrous, Expressive - A Pick of Crystalline Clarity

For years our Spearhead picks have been a favorite of many.
From Macassar ebony to faux ivory & many other exotic materials,
now it's available in an ultra-smooth cast acrylic.

Each of these picks is precision cut,
hand-sanded to its ideal shape,
and polished to a pristine finish.

Each pick goes through a total of 9 Steps from start to finish
but the result is certainly worth it!
Each pick plays just as cleanly as it looks too,
they're buttery smooth & glide across the strings effortlessly.
Definitely worth considering for playing thick leads or layering on ethereal passages.

Whether you're a veteran when it comes to Iron Age picks,
or just looking to try your first one,
this is one that we'd recommend along with any of the other "Spearhead" picks:
>Macassar Ebony Spearhead<

>Faux Ivory Spearhead<

These are all solid picks,
they look razor sharp but are highly functional
and rather versatile picks in disguise.

Interested in trying some for yourself?
Satisfy your curiosity today!
They're available individually or in sets of 2 (1 of each color)

Even if you've played the same style of picks for many years,
you might be surprised to find yourself a new favorite.

NEW Limited Edition:
For a quality of sound that's crystal clear…

We are pleased to bring you our latest addition
to the Crystal Spearhead lineup.

The Iridescent Spearhead is still fully functional,
but this time serving as a contained optical illusion,
a multicolored spectrum of rarity and awe.

Depending on where the light shines,
you'll see an array of colors,
suggesting a pick as adaptable and versatile as a flowing river,
yet hard-bitten and razor sharp as ice.

When it comes to fine plectrums,
The Iridescent Spearhead is the goddess on the frontlines.
Poised and radiant, cold and fearless.
You're favorite Spearhead, dressed to kill.

29*23 ~2.75mm Thick

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