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Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks

A Modern Epitome Of Luxury
From Supercars To Aerospace, It's a Composite Like No Other

This is the real deal.
Not a printed decal.
Not a plastic hybrid.

Here's a pick that's as modern as your playing,
keeping you up to speed & inspiring a fresh perspective.

Carbon fiber is unique & that is sought after for its weight to strength ratio.
It often replaces both aluminum & steel in high-end exotic vehicles,
as well as in the aerospace industry. This means its feather-light but incredibly strong!

If you favor thinner picks but wish they provided more control,
this might just be the pick for you.

Even at just 1.5mm thick,
these tread the "lighter gauge" territory of normal picks,
but offer a stiffness found only in metal & much thicker picks.
These are rigid picks for those who prefer a more accurate approach.

The result is a familiar grasp of a thin pick while benefiting
with a boost in picking control & attack.

Optimal Playability
is ensured by carefully beveling each & every pick by hand.
This is thee most important aspect of any pick.
It provides a smooth attack & gives the pick a slight worn-in feel.
Definitely something you want to examine with any "boutique pick" out there.

One Caveat
as mentioned by some fellow enthusiasts,
these picks can produce some dusting.
That's simply the composition of tightly-woven graphite fibers.

The amount depends on playing style & how aggressively you play.
Although generally it's very easy to wash off with just soap & water.

With that being said, these picks might not be for you.
For others, it's only a minor drawback compared to the benefits received.

if you're looking for a pick that plays as stunningly as it looks & has an outstanding tone.
This is one to ponder.

Defined clarity, rigid picking control, and unique composition
make these a top contender in any collection.

Available in "Standard" (30*25m) & "Jazz" (26*23.5mm) sizes.

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