Agate Stone Picks

Strike A Chord With Your Audience
A Warm Tone That Rings Through The Ages

There's nothing quite like the feeling of a smooth & effortless strum across the strings.
Where no resistance is to be found,
but every note chimes like a bell.
The tone can only be described as polished when the perfect notes are struck in a wondrous succession.

Here's a fine batch of picks that can accomplish just that.

They might not be for everyone who's content with just your average sound,
but an excellent choice to set you and your music apart.

The process
of making such picks starts in the molten depths below the earths surface,
where this material is compressed under extreme volcanic pressure.
The result is an astounding crystal that is tougher than nails & a structure akin to quartz.

Once polished,
an effortless glide across your strings can be achieved.
It's a satisfying feeling to say the least.

The sound is like

a combination of rich overtones with a warm & glassy characteristic.
They play very much like they sound,
buttery smooth with a light attack.

The approximate 2.5mm thickness keeps its structural integrity in tact
while providing a thinner profile that offers a subtle comfort.
An engraved logo is a nice touch as well,
aiding in grip & distinction.

Best of all
is that such a pick can take an immense
amount of punishment and show virtually no signs of wear!

These are picks made to last.
Just imagine how many hours of enjoyable tone such a small crystal can bring.
They're available in Standard & Jazz3 shapes to best suit your playing style too.

Both are a solid choice & make for a
very special gift
for any seasoned guitarist or pick connoisseur.

Custom Etching
Is now available on the backside of these picks!
Each surface etch is $5
To request this service, simply select the option (single-sided/No Fill)
From this >Engraving Service<  & add it to your cart along with the pick.
More details about the service are available on that page.

Standard - 31*27mm
Jazz3 - 26*25 mm
As seen on Premier Guitar
Each model sold individually.

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