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Macassar Ebony "Spearhead" Wood Pick

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Rich, Bold, & Expressive Wooden Picks

Named after its Indonesian origins,
Macassar is a timber reserved for high-end cabinetry & fine guitars.

It's known to be one of the toughest timbers around,
having a Janka hardness rating of over 3,200 - compared to "hard" maple which only has about 1,450.

It's also a beauty to behold,
with its chocolate & caramel-colored hues which are mouth-watering to say the least.

You'll be pleasantly surprised to see what we mean.
(Just please resist temptation to eat one!)

Behind the luxurious appearances,
is a pick designed with precision & function in mind.

It all starts with the porous nature of the wood.
The faces are sanded down to a fine satin texture & sealed with a light coat of wax.
It's what keeps our spearheads feeling great & locked in your hand when you need it most.

Whether you're searing through hot leads, or carving out exotic arpeggios,
the spearhead grips on tight.

This pick is not all shred & high speed acrobatics however.
It's a rather versatile pick in disguise.

You can play & receive an exceptional experience when playing any genre of music.
This is especially true in an acoustic application,
where the notes take on a warmer tone & resonate just a tad clearer.

As some happy customers have said over the years,
"The tone is unmatched!"

This is a noteworthy choice for anyone looking to try an Iron Age pick for the 1st time,
or those looking to explore something different & out of the ordinary.

So how do they feel?
Well, despite their thicker gauge (about 3.5mm give or take),
these spearheads are remarkably lightweight.

There's virtually no flex,
and coupled with their grippy texture (and new engraved design),
these offer a flat-out comfortable hold.

One that's conducive to precision picking and without all the gimmicks.

Interested in trying some for yourself?
Satisfy your curiosity today!
They're available individually or in packs of 2 or 3.

Even if you've played the same style of picks for many years,
you might be surprised to find yourself a new favorite.

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29*23 ~3.5mm thick

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