Iron Age Guitar Picks (Dozen)

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Low Friction, High Durability, & An Iron-Grip

Picks - It's better to have one & not need it, than need it and not have one


Sometimes you want to save your handcrafted pick for a special moment.

Or maybe you want to share a few picks here and there.


Whatever the case, it's always a good idea to have a pick or two on hand.


Here you'll find some fast playing, hard wearing, and trusty picks by the dozen.

These are the latest versions for 2018, featuring the new "Sword & Laurel" logo.

They are made from nylon, which is highly resistant to abrasion & finished in a matte texture for a solid grip.


Available in 12 pick packs:

Black - Heavy 1.2mm

White - Medium .88mm

Red - Light .73mm

Jazz - 1.2mm

Assorted - 3 of Each Pick