New Carbon Fiber Pickguards (Strat & Tele)

New Carbon Fiber Pickguards (Strat & Tele)

June 19, 2016 0 Comments

The 3d weave of carbon fiber is unmistakable, a holographic distinction. It's alluring with a luxurious high-tech appearance, and now available as a customization option for your guitar.

In what shape or form? We'll let you know that we're now stocking two options for 100% carbon fiber pickguards. There's a model for the classic stratocaster (S-S-S Config) and your standard telecaster with a single neck pickup.

The pickguards themselves are made from a solid piece of CF; extremely sturdy, extremely shiny, and replicated down to the original counter-sunk holes.

They're precision cut & hand-finished to include a uniform bevel and fine polishing for eye-popping aesthetic.

Will they fit your strat or tele? That's easy to check, simply count the holes on your current pickguard!

The strat model has a total of 11 mounting screws, which by the way are available in 3 different finishes (Black, Chrome, & Gold).

The telecaster model has 8 mounting holes with a configuration for the standard single neck pickup.

An added benefit to having a carbon fiber pickguard is that CF is a good conductor which can be used to ground your electronics. Not only that, but it's also known to be effective at blocking Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) to keep unwanted noise out of your pickup's signal for quieter operation.

stratocaster telecaster cf pickguard

Please note this is the very first batch & these weren't the easiest to obtain, so only a handful are available for each model.

We couldn't possibly recreate so many configurations for all guitars  at this time, but if you would be interested in seeing a carbon fiber pickguard for your guitar model, let us know by leaving a comment below!

So far, one in mind is for the Ibanez RG HH-config. Many have got a HSH but don't use the single in the middle so what better way to remove & cover it up :) What do you think?  

Carbon Fiber Pickguards

Now available for stratocaster (11-hole) & telecaster (8-hole) with 3 hardware options (Black, Chrome, & Gold screws are included)

Made from a solid sheet of 100% real carbon fiber & polished to an incredible gloss to bring out the CF's distinctive weave pattern. Gives your guitar a high-end & luxurious look that's also functional.

CF is a a good conductor & can be used to ground your electronics. Not only that, but it can help to block out unwanted RFI to keep the pickup noise to a minimum.

Prices: Stratocaster Pickguard: $120 Telecaster Pickguard: $100

They ship worldwide, price includes free U.S. priority shipping or free international shipping.

Only a handful are available for this 1st batch. If you would like to see a model made for your guitar in the future, please comment below. These Pickguards are now available in the Carbon Fiber Section.

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