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Imperator MMXIX Special Edition (Pre-Orders)

Celebrate The New Year
With One Of The Most Distinguished Picks To Date

The Imperator
Top-Rated, Recognizable, & Reputable.

It's back in a special limited run!
This time, brought to you through a collaboration with "Kaotic Artworks",
a 5th generation artisan specializing in hand-made resin materials.

Each piece is absolutely unique,
each piece is definitively one-of-a-kind.

These Imperators are being specially made as a collectors item.
One that's not only distinct in appearance,
but also in composition & function.

They are bold, & they are broad.
And because of the meticulous finish,
the material itself really shines through to make a statement
(even before a single note is struck).

The MMXIX (2019) Imperators are available in two colors:
Iron Age "Red, White, & Black" which features the colors suspended in a clear base.
These are painstakingly polished,
and also feature a green UV glow engraving.

Option two..

Tyrian Purple which in ancient times, was a color reserved only for royalty.
This features pearlescent streaks throughout,
& an aqua-blue (glow) engraving.
It's finished in a smooth satin texture.

Both models feature a bare "Iron Age" & "MMXIX" engraving,
which identifies them from the regular lineup.
Both are especially made to celebrate the crossing into the new year.

The material is limited & not easily duplicated,
so theses picks will not be returning throughout the year.

If you want a functional work of art
that's unlike anything produced to date,
then don't hesitate to claim yours today!
Let's start the year off right.

Pre-orders will begin shipping as soon as each is fulfilled, all picks are expected to ship well before the end of January.

Free international shipping or priority for domestic orders.

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