One Bite Is All It Takes
Intoxicating Speed & Smooth Precision

It's small, it's nimble,
and it will refuse to let you put the guitar down.

For lead guitar,
this is one of the fastest picks we have.
And coupled with an effortless glide across the strings,
it treads on "Legio Ferrata" Territory.

It's these two characteristics
that will have you craving for your next performance.

And it's aqua-glow inlay will certainly set it apart from the rest.

Now, if you liked the Texas Rattler but prefer smaller picks,
this is also a good choice.

The snakebite is narrower,
slightly shorter than a standard 351 pick,
and is more akin to a Tortex Sharp profile.

They measure about 3mm (at the grip) with a sharp taper at the point.

Speaking of grip,
these picks feature a brushed finish for a grabby surface.
The pearlescent snakeskin still shines through,
but the pick remains secure right where you left it.

The bevel however is satin-finished to give it some extra bite,
without getting raspy.

It's a minimal bevel, just enough to give the pick a quick strike.
However this leaves room for future development
as the pick begins to mold to your natural picking angle.

The result is a pick that conforms to your style of picking,
and gets more personalized with time.

The sound you get with this pick is well-defined.
It has a certain presence that favors the higher frequencies.

And there's no need to dig too deep to pluck the perfect note,
but if you want to get heavy, you certainly can.

28.5 * 22

~2.75mm Black, ~3.5mm White

Each pick sold individually