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Rings of Saturn Signature Picks

I'm Not Saying It's Aliens, But It's Aliens
Imagine being so good that people think you're faking it

Introducing the Rings of Saturn signature guitar picks.
Made in collaboration with guitarist Lucas Mann.

This is a pick that glows with the intensity of a thousand suns
and modeled after one of our highest rated picks, the Helios-3.

"The material is durable and the glow is attractive and easy to find if dropped on the floor or misplaced."-L.M.

Intensity & Technicality
is what we would describe the RoS style.
And this is a pick that follows suit with
precision engravings of the logo & cut to exacting dimensions.
There is no room for error & each pick is meticulously crafted to an otherworldly ideal.

Fit & Finish
Despite their 3.25mm thickness,
these picks are beveled & finished in a satin texture for smooth playability.
Both faces where you hold the pick feature a brushed texture to help with grip,
and the recessed RoS logo further aids in keeping the pick locked in place.

"The thickness of the pick, as well as the pointed beveled edge, really allows for superior note definition and clarity, especially on extended range instruments lower and heavier string gauges." - L.M.

There will be 120 picks available in total,
60 of each color. (Aqua Blue & Lime Green)

If you order one of these limited edition picks,
they will begin to ship out on the 25th of this Month,
if not sooner!

(Pre-order Opens @ 12pm Central US Time, 5/8/2020 - Don't Miss Out!)

Each pick is sold individually unless ordered as a 2-piece "Set".

Approx. 27.5 x 26.5 x 3.25mm

These are glow in the dark picks,
to charge simply expose them to direct sunlight for about a minute,
or any other UV light-source like a blacklight.

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