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PVRPLE Imperator

The Royal Flush - Form, Finish, & Function
A Limited Edition Collectible For The Modern Guitarist

This is an exclusive batch with 12 open slots,
available only to the MG Group.

The Material
is a hand-poured resin material,
which is one-of-a-kind.

It's similar to the one used in the "MMXIX Imperators"
that were released at the start of the year.
Only 14 of those were made & were all claimed at 55 each within hours.

The shape again is modeled after the flagship "Imperator" picks,
which are the forefront of the Imperial Pick Collection.

The material this time has all the PVRP.
Including layers of pearlescent hues & chaotic swirls,
all of which are suspended in a translucent purple base.

The Finish
A finely brushed satin finish is standard for a soft velvety grip.

The Features
Are a UV reactive MG logo which glows an aqua-blue color in the dark.
It can be charged with direct sunlight of a UV blacklight for the most intensity.
Right above that you will find a debossed "Modern Guitarist" engraving
to further distinguish this model from any other Imperator.
And finally above that,
there is a small hole for attaching as a pendant or in a keychain.

The PVRPLE Imperator sits at a comfortable 5mm thick.
Certainly not for the faint of heart, but not unwieldy.
It's a whole 35.5 by 27.5mm in size,
which is relative to the common "351" pick shape.

Shipping Date
These 12 picks are available for pre-order now.
But will begin shipping by Monday the 13th of May.

A 2nd batch is not scheduled anytime soon & wouldn't be the same.
So if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind collectors pick,
don't hesitate to stake your claim!

There will also be 4 agate picks mixed into this batch, 
So 1 in 3 orders will randomly receive a bonus pick!

*Due to the limited slots,
custom engraving is not available on these.

** Each pick will have its own unique pattern, no two will be the same

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