Imperator MMXXII Special Edition

Turning Iron Into Gold
Marvel In The Marble & Coursing Golden Veins

The Imperator
Top-Rated, Recognizable, & Reputable.

It's back in a special 2022 limited run!
This time featuring a new 5.25mm "marbled" carbon fiber material.

Unlike regular carbon fiber twill that's checkered,
this has random layers of fiber that produce
a holographic marbling effect when the light hits just right.
The solid (but lightweight) material also features golden (brass) streaks
that add a mesmerizing contrast to the stark greys.

With that said,
each piece will have its own unique pattern
making each piece a one-of-a-kind!

These Imperators are being specially made as a collectors item.
One that's not only distinct in appearance,
but also in composition & function.

They're bold & they're eye-catching.
And because of the aesthetic nature of the material,
they seemingly come alive with any slight movement.
These picks make a statement even before a single note is struck.

The MMXXII (2022) Imperators
are all hand-finished to a satin texture for a soft elegant feel.
The texture adds a light grip and there is a subtle contrast between the faces & bevels.
And despite the 5.25mm thickness, the bevels are all finely tuned for functionality.

Each Imperator also features a debossed "MMXXII" engraving,
and an aqua-glow UV reactive logo engraving.
Finally, there's also a small pendant hole that's pre-made on all of the picks,
which is great for wearing or using as a keychain.

This is our 4th year making these annual picks,
don't miss out and start your year on the right foot.
Onwards & Upwards!

Limited to 24 Picks
Each Sold Individually

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